The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

OK...This is the LAST holiday post!

We are at the time of year when it is COLD, the snow that has fallen looks UGLY, all the Christmas lights are still up, because of the COLD, but no one turns them on and have I mentioned it's COLD!!! You know it's bad when you walk outside and think, "WOW! It is so nice out!" And it is 21 degrees. I did that today. SERIOUSLY!
On that note, I wanted to post my holiday pics that have already been posted on the lovely FB, but NEEDED to be on MY blog! Enjoy!

Me and My Girls, ringing in 2010.
Amy and Steph are great friends and we had a very nice NYE!

The 3rd Annual Timer Burrus Christmas Photo
The guys always groan a little, but it is so nice!
(I should have posted the one that clicked before I got there. SUPER funny,just like on TV and maybe next year's Christmas card.)

Santa was a VERY COOL SANTA this year, but the COLD has kept this bad boy inside.

They beg me to wear these, but the COLD has not allowed it much.

Oh, the excitement.
Finley TOTALLY "got it" this year.

This toy, Honey, has been a total hit.

Santa's Treats

Come on ladies, don't you ALL remember this Barbie? It was Rocker Barbie! I had the whole band and I LOVED them! Check out this throw-back, too.
I enjoyed this gift more than Gabbie.

The girls got their special visit from St. Nick this year again.
Aren't they lucky?

This is Y and she is helping Fin celebrate her birthday by partaking in the ELMO cupcakes.
The only word I think of when I see this family is THRIVING!!!
Oh and awesome. :)

I just love how sweet and nervous Finley looks while we are singing Happy Birthday to her.
OK, that's it. The holiday are over and we only have 3 or 4 more months of winter, so I can't promise that I won't post about the COLD again.

OOOH PS If you liked the movie Julie & Julia (or fashion) checkout the blog called "New Dress a Day" on my blog list.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Should old acquaintance be forgot.......

Happy New Year!
Doesn't it feel so FRESH and NEW?
I have heard so many bid 2009 good-bye without sadness. I think it was a tough year for many, but even so I look back at the good things of 2009.
As much as I hate the idea of a Resolution, I cannot help myself from wanting to start some new habits, like working out and eating better (CLASSIC) and potty training Fin or for Gabbie to start helping around the house (for an allowance of course).
How ever you are looking at 2010,I hope the future is BRIGHT(er).