The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Halloween & Jason's Deer

We had an awesome Halloween. I really think it is one of my favorite holidays. It has even become sort of it's own season. We had such amazing weather this year. I have so many fun ideas for next year if the weather is as will probably BLIZZARD!! ;)

My 2 Tinkerbells with Great Grandma.
OOHHH Gabs!?!?


Our Peter Pan Theme...I will keep a family theme going every year for as long as I can. Next year...Alice in Wonderland?

Isn't she lovely?

We had a pumpkin carving party at Grandma and Grandpa's. I think they turned out pretty good. Brayden & Gabbie had a great time.

Just a fun shot of my peanut. Fin has had a rough couple of weeks with a flu bug. We have gone through lots of pedia-lyte, diapers and balmex, but I think we are getting over it.

Well, I warned you all that these pics were coming.
Jas got his Hills Archery Buck and it is a nice one.

What's with the tongue?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Finley Elisa

Well, it is Fin's turn to SHINE, and she does, every DAY!

The video is of Finley, just being herself and there is a little walking, too. She is almost ONE. I CANNOT believe it. That also means Christmas is coming. I always say we are so busy, but we keep getting busier. Just when I don't think we can add another thing to our day, we usually fit it in. Finley has been such a good baby and she is getting quite an attitude now. I wonder where this year has gone? I can still remember her in my belly. Just reflecting and rambling. Thanks for reading! Enjoy some baby giggles.

Other good news!!!! Jas shot a buck! YEAH on SOOOO many levels! I will post some pics soon, so you have all been warned!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Disney Magic (Part II)

This is the final installment of our Disney memories and it already seems so far away :( I will apologize now for the randomness of these pictures. I really need to refine my blogger skills.
I had to lead with a pic of Fin. She is so sweet and has been left off of my blog, because of the subject matter. She is walking... not always, but mostly on her own. It isn't as stressful as when Gabbie walked? This pic is from our day at the pumpkin patch and it has been one of very few that required some winter gear, but doesn't she look cute!

This is our little "Tinker Bell" exhausted! The day Gabs had her makeover was a big one.

This was Gabbie's Fairy God Mother, Maye. See the one piece of hair stinking straight up...the FGM's have quite a sense of humor. The stuff they use on their hair is interesting, but it works every time.


This was the night we celebrated Halloween at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. They decorate Magic Kingdom and have a Villain Parade and lights. It was really amazing how different the park looked. Our glasses are for the 3D movie we were about to see. It was probably our favorite thing. It's fun to hear Gabs talk about it. Ask her.

"I feel like someone is watching us?!?!"

This was a magic moment for all of us! We had a breakfast at the Tusker House in Africa in Animal Kingdom. Donald and friends joined us in appropriate attire for the safari!
We miss you Mickey!!!

I will say Goofy is one tall, dark & handsome dog.

Can you tell who Gabbie liked? She says, "Mom, look at her beautiful eyes!"
As I roll mine.

Again, our food was GREAT!
Thanks Donald.

A fun view of Italy in Epcot.

In Chicago O'Hare on the way home.

Hollywood Tower of Terror
The one BIG ride I REALLY wanted to go on. It did not happen.

One of the characters in the SpectroMagic Parade of Lights.
There were plenty of Oooooh & AAHHHS!

This was one of MANY figures at our hotel. They are HUGE! It was very fun for kids.
Can you see Gabbie?

And last...our first Henna tattoos. I think I need another.
So, there you have it. We would like to go back in October 2012. Wanna join us?