The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Disney MAGIC!!!!!

Well, we've been home from Disney World for over a week and I am still coming down from the high! I want to start by saying that EVERY business and EVERY person could take a lesson from the outstanding customer service we received while staying in Orlando! Every single "cast member" was pleasant and always addressed Gabbie. We stayed at an All-Star Resort and I was so glad we decided to stay in the park. There are so many little extras when you stay in the park. We dropped our luggage off at the airport in RC and did not see it again until it was in our room. (We had already been shopping!) Our vacation anxiety melted away when we got on the airplane. The weather was the 80's EVERY day with humidity. I heard it snowed here while we were gone:) !! We did leave Fin in RC and we missed her, but we CANNOT wait to take her back! Lookout Disney the Love's will be back in October 2012!
Here are some of our favorite pics. I think this is the first of a few Disney posts ;)

We had dinner with the Princesses in Norway at Epcot. Sleeping Beauty was a BIG star that week because of the re-release of the DVD! Aroura was very sweet to Gabbie. Look at that face! Can you understand why my happy tears flowed so easily? PS Dinner was great too!

Princess Jasmine was my favorite (& I think Jas liked her too...). She was stunningly beautiful. I think Gabbie was in awe!
Princess Ariel was sort of silly..she called Gabs a Starfish and I don't think Gabbie will ever forget it!

Well, Cinderella's appearance at this dinner was quite a surprise. Cinderella hosts her own dinner in Magic Kingdom, and when I made these reservations the women made it very clear that "Cinderella will probably not be at this dinner." Things must have been slow that night at the Royal Table ;)

These were some of Gabbie's Fairy Godmother's at the Bippity Boppity Boutique. Gabbie had a Princess (or Fairy) Makeover. It was one of the most memorable days! Again, the happy tears flowed freely! PS I want that job when I retire!! I will post a makeover page soon.

This was Day #1 at Magic Kingdom. We were watching a show at the Castle. The smile on Gabbie's face says it ALL!

This was also day #1. Gabbie spotted Mary Poppins from a mile away and Gabbie LOVED her umbrella. Dreams really come true at DW!

We indulged in some fun things. Gabbie got her face painted. She got her hair braided and we both got henna tattoos. The face painting is free hand and it looked so good! Of course she chose the Tinkerbell!

OOOOHHHHH! EPCOT! I was so impressed with the "big golf ball" at Epcot. I took lots of pics of it.

This was the way our Princess Dinner started. Belle posed for picture after picture, as did our little Princess throughout the week. I think I will leave you with these pics and show you some more later!

You know that commercial when the mom and daughter get on a ride and then the mom turns into a kid...that was me!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Hello all...I was tagged TWICE while on vacation, so I am going to catch up, but I am only going to write seven things. (I am sure you are all glad.)

I was tagged by Amy & Kendra. THANKS GIRLS!!
1. No secret...I drive a mini-van. The crazy thing is that I have loved them since high school!
2. I went to 5 colleges for a total of seven years to get my Bachelors Degree in Nursing. YIKES!
3. When Jas & I moved to CA. We lived in a studio apartment without couches and our TV was the kind without a remote control! It took us 3 months to get couches.
4. I worked in the restaurant business for 8 years and I have considered going back. Buca di Beppo, here I come.
5. I am one of those people that will always answer surveys and I call or write businesses when I am extremely happy or upset with their service.
6. I am addicted to reality TV. I LOVE IT ALL. Shameless, I know, but this explains the next one.
7. My house is messy. Not dirty, just messy and cluttered.
Well, there you go. Now for the great news....I am tagging these lovely folks. If you see your name, you know what to do.
OH! I am calling NO TAG BACKS!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


I know...It's been awhile, so I figured I had better post before we leave for DW! We have been pretty busy and I have not been taking many photos, hence the vaca from posting.
Gabs is liking the pre-school portion of daycare and Fin is moving up to the Tiggers Room at daycare. She will now get to go outside, and do art projects, but she is losing her morning nap time, which makes me sad.

Here is one photo from our August session @ Legacy Photo & Design. Amy is AWESOME! We finally had to make some decisions and order our pics. This one is still one of my faves!

This is my new digi!!! It was a birthday present for myself/family from myself/family! I had convinced myself we needed a new one for our trip. It is a touchscreen and it is a 10 mega-pixel. (I did not even know they made them?!) Just prepare for MANY MANY pics from DW!

I just had to throw this in. DW is HUGE! Maybe we will come back skinnier from all the walking. Wouldn't that be a perfect world!