The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Little Ballerina

Gabbie has had the pleasure of participating in a few summer dance camp's through Prima Dance.
It's amazing to watch these little girls turn into Ballerinas once they get on the tights and shoes and get their hair done.

The Gang
Ella, Gabbie, Avery, Aspen

We gave our ballerina some flowers after her recital.
She LOVED them!

More fairies...

new leo + ballet shoes + "ballerina" hair = ATTITUDE!

Award Time

May Pole

What a cute little dance...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Showers!!!

Yes...I said SHOWERS! You know when people joke about "not drinking the water" in a work place because there are so many pregnant women...well, I think there is something to that in the ER this year. One of our nurses had THE New Year's baby this year and I think we are on schedule to have 13 babies born to our staff before the end of the year!
Because of this baby boom, we have become pros at throwing baby showers. Mostly it's just good food, lots of chatting and baby holding, of course.
These are just a few of the pics from just a few of the parties.

Gabbie & Morgan
Which one is the Queen and which is the Princess?

Trista (due in Sept) and Renee (Brody, born in March)

This was Angela and Baby Chloe's shower in May.
These kids were so cute!

Kris (the hostess) and Angela (Chloe, born in April)

Steph & Amy
Pretty Girls
At Angela's Shower in May

Kris, Brandy & Baby Jackson
at Brandy's Shower in July

Laura (Max, born in July), Brooklyn, Brandy (Jackson, born in June)

Finley and Novalee
@ Trista's Shower in July
They played so nice!

The whole gang @ Trista's Shower.
Her baby girl is due in Sept.

Trista, practicing holding babies.
Alexandra, Finley, Keelin, Novalee, Gabriel, Jackson and Gabbie.

We have MORE baby showers to come, but we have a couple of Murses (Male Nurses) that will add to their families soon too, so no baby shower pictures from them.
This is enough to make a girl want another baby...

Friday, July 24, 2009

I Love Cooking!

I have been looking at my blog and thinking it needs an update! I love checking my blog and keeping up with the blogs I follow, but my posting has been BAD! I have a TON of pictures of my family that follow along my current theme, but it takes a bit to organize those I decided I may start to post about food, recipes and things like that, as well.
I have added several food blogs to the blogs I follow, so check them out for a dinner idea and don't be offended if I publish/steal your recipe. It's only because I love it.