The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Officially a Soccer Mom, Part II

Well, I picked up the Oddey last night after work. (I must say that switching over car seats, and all the necessities, with 2 kids in 90 degree weather, was NOT easy.) I LOVE IT!! It has some bells & whistles that I need to figure out, but it will be fun.
The big news is that...I managed to put some pretty good scratches on it within the first hour of driving. After the switch, I ran home and, out of habit, closed the garage once we pulled in, well the Oddey doesn't quite fit. It scraped down the back. It's not too bad, but it really rained on my parade. I just had to share with EVERYONE, since I will NEVER live it down:)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Officially a Soccer Mom...

We are the proud owners of a new (to us) Honda Oddessey. Yes, it's a minivan!
The way people react when you tell them that, is really funny. You either love'em or hate'em. Well, I think we are going to love it! I have not actually driven it yet, I have been very patient and I am picking it up tomorrow! Sooooo, although neither of my children play soccer yet, I will proudly wear the badge of "Soccer Mom". (Anyone know where I can get a bumper sticker?)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happiest 6 years EVER!

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Six years ago TODAY, Jason & I walked down the aisle. We celebrated last night at Del Monico Grill. It was a kid-free night, but all we talked about were our AMAZING girls! We tried to remember our newlywed days, but it seems so long ago. Our girls have brought out the best of who we are and we are so lucky. We hope that everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Four Concerts & a Wedding

We had a fun/busy weekend!
One of my friends from work got married in Spearfish Canyon on Saturday. It was a gorgeous wedding and a beautiful day. It was fun to see some folks ALL DRESSED UP!!
We also were able to go to the Hills Alive Concert. I have lived here my whole life and have NEVER gone?! It is awesome and the weather could not have been better.

These are some fellow nurses. G was in heaven around all the "princesses".

Where's F? She had a slumber party with Nanny, but we still had fun at the wedding!

G and A enjoying some music.

There's F. As happy as ever. We are so blessed!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not a MOMENT wasted.

I hope that when I look back at this summer I can say that "not a moment was wasted." I have found myself a little run down lately and discouraged about not getting some housework done, BUT we are really having a fun summer.

F is getting SO big. This is one of my FAVORITE pics. AARGH! I just want to squeeze her.

G is as SASSY as ever. I always wanted to have a family, but I NEVER realized how much fun it would be to just hang out with my kids. G is such a conversationalist, she my little best friend!

Never too young to have girlfriends..N, G & M were all dancin' the night away at a wedding. I would love to see these 3 girls hanging out together in 10 years!

ALL SMILES!! It's wierd, J and I are having a very fun summer, but we feel like we don't get to spend much time TOGETHER? (Even if we are in the same place.) Can anyone relate? Well we are both just happy to share a meal with each other and that's what we got to do here!:)

We hope everyone is having a CRAZY, FUN, BUSY summer!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Catching Up...

Hello Everyone,
I am catching up. When I started this blog, my goal was to BLOG once a month, but then it was SOOO easy that I did it more. Well, summer has been CRAZY, so I hope to gets some of the fun pics that we've been taking up an our space.

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