The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Officially a Soccer Mom, Part II

Well, I picked up the Oddey last night after work. (I must say that switching over car seats, and all the necessities, with 2 kids in 90 degree weather, was NOT easy.) I LOVE IT!! It has some bells & whistles that I need to figure out, but it will be fun.
The big news is that...I managed to put some pretty good scratches on it within the first hour of driving. After the switch, I ran home and, out of habit, closed the garage once we pulled in, well the Oddey doesn't quite fit. It scraped down the back. It's not too bad, but it really rained on my parade. I just had to share with EVERYONE, since I will NEVER live it down:)


J, A and T said...

Now the day is even MORE memorable!!!!!

Kendra said...

You know I think you're hilarious, since I want to get rid of mine so badly!! I wasn't quit as excited when we first got ours, but then I just wanted it for convenience. Funny girl!!