The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Monday, August 4, 2008

MOVING!!!!! of us is...F is CRAWLING! When I got home from work on Friday, she was a pro. Start the baby-proofing. G's room is one big choking hazard, so she'll have to say GOOD-BYE to the Barbie shoes.

Their is a new little sparkle in her eye! AAHHHHH FREEDOM!

PS The Girls are FINALLY having professional photos taken today @ Legacy Photo & Design. Check out her blog in my "friends" section. She usually posts a few from each session.


J, A and T said... you are becoming a pro!!! T is grooving!!! Cute pics of F.

Cheryl said...

Let the good tmes roll!!!! WOOHOO!
What a doll!!!

Diggin your new layout....isn't the cuteest blog on the block site fun?

Can't wait to see and hear about your Legacy experience...K is having her Sr. pics done there later this month....

Kendra said...

Love your blog--very entertaining, I must say!
Can't believe baby is truck'n so soon--REALLLLL cute!

Brett and Carrie said...

Too cute...they are growing up so fast! The professional pics are adorable...and Hadley and Brayden are quite handsome!