The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Everything I needed to know, I learned in kindergarten.

We had several firsts on August 30th....

Mostly what I will remember is how I was BURSTING with pride that day
I have 2 healthy beautiful, sweet, spunky little girlies.

It is so fun and exciting and bittersweet to send your children off to a new adventure and wonder how they'll do and worry about them.

Kindergarten is such a huge milestone...for parents.
I have realized that Gabbie "likes" school and probably always will and that she really is learning some life-long etiquette and rules, but that, to her, it means getting up early and following rules and no toy time.

This was Finley's first day in the Big Building at daycare.
She has been looking forward to it since June and she LOVES it.
Her behavior has improved (not that it was too bad) and she seems to have become a big kid.

Waking up on the "First Day".


Blog-worthy Picture
Do you think I will remember to do this on the first day every year?