The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well, it has been over a month since my last update, so little did she know that she named my post. :)

We have been pining over SPRING! It has teased a bit, but we all know that it is coming!

I am still loving Facebook and anyone that is not on it...NEEDS to be!

I found a new "Mom Blog". I just stumbled upon it, but I think I will be an avid follower, mostly because she has "Meal Planning Mondays".

We went to High School Musical on Ice with some of our friends. Avery's mom found these shirts so the girls would match and isn't this the cutest picture. I can't help but morph them into teenagers in my mind.
Avery, Aspen, Gabbie & Ella

Here are the BFF's!

Gabbie, Aspen and Ella have been going to daycare together for a long time. It is so nice when you can be friends with your kid's friend's parents. These 3 girls will probably not go to school together and it is already starting to make me a little sad.

I put this self pic in here because, sadly it is the ONLY pic I took last Friday at the Spirit of Peace Banquet for WAVI.
As many of you know I am on the SART Team (Sexual Assault Response Team) at the hospital. We depend on WAVI for many things and the banquet was very fun! WAVI is an amazing organization and I am proud to support them. Plus, it is always FUN to get dressed up!

Lastly, my little Fin's personality has emerged.
rough housing

people in her "bubble"
Gabbie's turn to get her hair fixed by mom


J, A and T said... the update! :) Such a cute picture of the girls at the ice show!

Kendra said...

All very cute!! Thanks for the update--I was about ready to harrass you! ha!!