The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tourists on our "Stay"cation.

I have tried to take advantage of every day that I am off from work. Sometimes the weather does not cooperate, but their are still a lot of things to do. (It's not like it's been blizzarding this month.) Being a native of Rapid City, I knew we had cool stuff around here, but now that I have kids, I am trying to see all of the fun that the Black Hills has to offer.
We will not be going on a BIG vacation this summer, but hope to pack in all the sights around here. We've done some things this week to get our tour started.

We planted a small (very small) herb garden with some tomatoes. I DO NOT have a green thumb, so I am relying on Gabbie to help keep this garden alive!
I really want to plant some tulips, peony bushes and dahlias this year!! If anyone has any suggestions or tips, PLEASE comment! I am gonna need all the help I can get.
OOPS! Gabbie got a little out of control with the hose. Sorry Fin.

I think Gabbie will survive! She had a little spill on her bike.
The first of many, I'm sure.

Gabbie is learning to ride the bike. It seems we are a bit behind, but Gabbie loves it! Our goal is training wheels off by her birthday in the fall.

Finley wants to ride a bike too!
Sorry Fin, that's a little big.

Gabbie had her "End of the Year Program" at school.
The pre-school program was great this year. They concentrated on ABC's & 123's.
These girls are her "best friends" and we enjoy watching them all grow.

(is all this picture took!)

Good Job Gabrielle Amelia!

We visited Bear Country USA last week. It was a little COLD and REALLY windy, but it was fun. There were only a few other cars going through the park, so we really took our time.
Do you think the "DO NOT TOUCH" sign also means "DO NOT SIT"???!!!

The Buffalo

The Bear
Doesn't he look friendly?

The Reindeer

Our Mother's Day Brunch
Gabbie & Finley and Brayden & Hadley

The ER Kids at a baby shower
(and there are more to come!)

Finley at Reptile Gardens.
We love this place and they really give the locals a great deal! We will visit MANY TIMES!

One of the birds at Reptile Gardens. There large bird show starts this week.

Nana Betty, and us in the dome at Reptile Gardens.

The shy bald eagle and not-so shy Gabbie

We hope you are all having a fun Spring! I hope we can add many fun pictures to our Stay-cation album!


Kendra said...

Love the updates and pictures! I think we will be joining you as we don't have anything planned but pool days, camping, yard work and hopefully lots of time with friends!! Keep us "posted"! :0)

J, A and T said...

Lots of great pics!!!! Always good to see an update!!!!