The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Here are my girls, enjoying their swing set. Finley got her first taste of swinging this week while Gabbie is learning to "pump" herself. (That is actually a LONG process.) Gabbie will be impossible to keep inside as the weather gets nicer and I see many days in our future playing on the swings.
Gabbie moved to a new classroom at school and started a "summer camp" in her new room. Looking at their schedule, they will have water play days, park days and even a few field trips. The funny thing is that when I showed Jas the schedule he wondered how much it will cost. Believe it or not, it is included in our daycare cost already. What a nice surprise!

Well, as May wrapped up, so did Jason's travels (for now) and we said good-bye to Daisy May...We made a HUGE mistake with the timing of our adoption of this little puppy. The amount of attention and work that was needed for her was above and beyond what we could provide. :( Daisy went to an awesome family in Pierre with 2 girls and a Great Dane. We have received word that she is doing awesome. LESSON LEARNED!

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J & A said...

Such a cute pic of the family. Hope you are able to get outside with the kids soon!