The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Camera Download....

Well, it has OFFICIALLY been OVER two months since an update and it has been almost that long since I have down loaded my camera. (Yes, I have a large SD card.) I also was not happy with some of the blogs that I added to my Blog List, so I have edited them, & I think you'll enjoy some I have added...I DO!
Here's what we've been up to.

Here's my Fin enjoying the horse at Chuc-E-Cheese.
(Yes, we go to CEC!)

Here are the birthday kids.
Gabbie shares a birthday with her cousin, Brayden, who turned 8.
In order to celebrate this special day, we try to go to dinner and to CEC for a smaller party with just family. This was the second annual 9/9 celebration and there is something so fun about seeing all the skeet ball spots taken by members of our family!

Fin...being SWEET!

Gabbie had a fall off of the swing set at my mom's house one day while I was working. My mom was so freaked out that when she called the ER to talk to me, she asked for me by my maiden was a good laugh.
We had x-rays and Gabbie likely broke a small bone in her elbow. Kids are amazing, because if it was hurting, she took it easy and she only did what she could. It seems fine now.

I hosted a baby shower for our good friends that adopted from Ethiopia.
This was only 4 days before they left to get her. The shower was one that I had been looking forward to for a VERY long time.
Check out their story here.

This was Gabbie's first day of school...OK it was only pre-school, but it is at a public school and it is 4 afternoon's a week and it felt like the real deal to me!!!
She LOVES it and she does great with using the daycare van for transportation, if needed.
She's just my BIG girl!


We went to the local fair (much to my protest) and REALLY enjoyed it. It seemed a little cleaner this year. The kids had a blast and next year maybe we'll even get dad to go.

Finley had a little sugar high after this.

I could not believe Gabbie did this AND liked it.

Gabs & T-man at Reptile Gardens. We LOVE this place. The bird show is great!

More fair pics. Brayden got to help Keith the Magician. You'll get to hear more about Magic Keith later.

Grandma Diane with her hands FULL!
Fin and Hadley weren't as impressed with the magic???

On the lake trying out the paddle boats at Grandma's company picnic.
I Gabbie liked them.

This was our VERY LAST DAY @ the pool :( :(!!!!
We knew it was the last day and that made it a little bit more OK.
See you next year pool...sniff, sniff.

Summer celebrations with new & old friends!

This is the day our friends adoption became official.
We had a nice dinner and it was fun to see all the pieces of their lives come together to celebrate!

Another group of ladies, just hanging out :)

This was Gabbie's last Ballet dance camp for the summer.
The theme was "Royal Tea Party" with lessons on etiquette.

What an AMAZING gift this was....
My friend, Cody Lynn and her boyfriend Ryan, came to visit during their 17 day road trip from California.
She came to RC to be in my wedding and we had not seen each other in 4 years. We reconnected on Facebook and she added our home to her destination list!

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