The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Future Photographer?????

...probably not.

Famous Soccer Star? FOR SURE!

Gabbie's first soccer game was so fun. I was impressed with her skill and Jason's coaching skill. I see quite the team in the future.

Running drills

These are shots Gabbie took while playing with my camera.
It is interesting to see through their eyes.
I can see that she is interested in what we keep in drawers and bathrooms?!

This bunch of dress up clothes has been worth HOURS of fun for the girls and their friends.
(And hours of clean-up time for mom & dad.)

Her piggy bank and Christmas snow globe

My mom and dad in 2000.

A Chuck-E-Cheese Portrait

Our kitty, Dusty...he's camera shy.

Oooh, maybe she'll be an architect....?

Whatever she decides to be we LOVE her!
Last night we were all hanging out and Jason said, "Gabbie, when I was your age I had NO idea I would have a little girl like you." and I said, "Gabbie, when I was your age I KNEW I would have a little girl just like you!"

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Kendra said...

What fun pictures! Last time I "let" Luke handle my camera it ended up on the floor! :0) Maybe a good idea for Christmas, huh? Love to hear what you are all up to.