The LOVE of my life.

The LOVE of my life.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Is anyone out there???????

Well HELLO there....

How have you been?

I am not sure if anyone is out there (or ever was),but I am feeling like such a loser. I LOVE, LOVE to read the blogs I follow and I anxiously wait for updates and I get annoyed when people don't update them very often, (You know who you are.) and here I am 5 months from my last post. WHERE did this time go? WHERE?
Well, this is what we've been up to (the short version).

Jason is coaching Gabbie's soccer team. 8 little girls. He seems to be loving it. Gabbie has one game left and she has come out of an awkward shell and is really kicking some soccer but!!


Mother's Day was FAB. (If I do say so myself...)
I hosted a small brunch and it was an AWESOME day.
This is Great Grandma with 4 of her many great grandchildren.

The annual WAVI Banquet had a Vive Las Vegas theme this year.
Elvis is with us in this picture and we all had a great time.

I heart these people!

So, please don't write me off or take me off your blog list.
I have a new job with much better hours and I am going to (once again) commit to be better with this thing. Have a great weekend.


Kendra said...

VERY happy to hear from you....finally!! :0) Would love to barbeque sometime! Call me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sonja, Great update & you thought no one checked! Life is so busy sometimes. Hope all is going well in your new job. Love Ya, Aunt Sue

The Carroll's said...

Yes, we are out here! I was just staring to wonder if you had given up on the whole "blog thing". I cannot say that I am so great at updating either! It is always great to see and update!